Flare Chiffon Trouser

FCT 01
FCT 02
 Product Measurement:
Waist:       76-110cm
 Hip:           86cm
 Length:     95cm
Free size (Fit to XL)
Materials: Chiffon + Full Lining
Remarks: Flare design covered from the waist till the bottom, and chiffon with full lining covered therefore no worry on transparency!

Embroidery Palazo Pants

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ATS 01

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ATS 02

ATS 03
 Product Measurement:
Waist:       64-82cm
 Hip:           59cm
 Length:     97cm
Free size (Fit to XL)
Materials: Chiffon + Polyester (cool material and easily absorb sweat)
Remarks: Embroidery on the front, Gartered at front waist for optimum fit. Superb Chiffon material come with full length inner.

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